Thursday, 26 January 2012

cartoon is my

ok actually aku amik ni dr satu blog nih...nice entry...hik2...mohon share ek...thanx alot...

wow!!x perasan lak aku yg selama nih cerite2 cartoon kegemaran aku nih adlh seorg guru yg baik...ingat kan just crite untuk pehabeskan mase jek...hehehheeh...rupe2nyer ade mesej di sebaliknyer...meh sini aku tunjukkan kat korunk pe mesej dorunk tuh...jeng3...

Scooby-Doo - taught me to never be afraid of screwing up

Tom and Jerry - taught me friendship.

Courage the cowardly dog - taught me to over come my fears.

G.I.Joe - taught me team work.

Alladin - taught me nothing is impossible

Mickey Mouse - taught me to be good person.

Chip n dale - taught me no matter how small you can still rock on...

Richie rich - taught me to never feel proud.

Dexter - taught me that science was fun.




They were cartoons to all but for me
they were my teachers.. !!